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Plenary Sessions

All plenary sessions will be held in the Community Art Auditorium (see interactive Campus Map)
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Monday July 27th
8:30 am  Welcome to DPF-2009  President Jay Noren
 (Wayne State University)
8:40 am  LHC Machine Status  Lyn Evans (CERN)   T
9:10 am  ATLAS Detector Status  Jim Shank (BU)   T
9:30 am  CMS Detector Status  Gregory Rakness (UCLA)   T
9:50 am  Break
10:10 am  LHC-b Detector Status  Eddy Jans (NIKHEF)   T
10:30 am  ALICE Detector Status  John Harris (Yale)   T
11:00 am  Experimenal Searches for Dark Matter  Sunil Golwala (Caltech)   T
11:30 am  Interpretation of Possible Signals of Dark Matter  Aaron Pierce (Michigan)   T
12:00 noon  Lunch Break
2:00 pm - 6:30 pm  Parallel Sessions
6:30 pm  Welcome Reception: Detroit Public Library
Tuesday July 28th
9:00 am  Particle Astrophysics, High Energy Gamma-ray and Neutrino Astronomy  Angela Olinto (Chicago)   T
9:30 am  Early Universe and Cosmology  Josh Frieman (FNAL)   T
10:00 am  Higgs Searches  Mark Kruse (Duke)   T
10:30 am  Break
11:00 am  Electroweak Physics  Heidi Schellman (Northwestern)   T
11:30 am  Beyond SM Searches  Leo Bellantoni (FNAL)   T
12:00 noon  Beyond SM Theory  Liantao Wang (Princeton)   T
12:30 noon  Lunch Break
2:00 pm - 6:30 pm  Parallel Sessions
Wednesday July 29th
8:45 am  Mitsuyoshi Tanaka Dissertation Award  Ryan Patterson (Caltech)  
9:00 am  Low Energy Searches for BSM Physics  Lee Roberts (BU)   T
9:30 am  CP-violation  Tom Browder (Hawaii)   T
10:00 am  Heavy Flavor Physics (Experiment)  David Hitlin (Caltech)   T
10:30 am  Break
11:00 am  Heavy Flavor Physics (Theory)  Benjamin Grinstein (UCSD)   T
11:30 am  Lattice QCD  Aida El-Khadra (Illinois)   T
12:00 noon  Top Quark Physics  Mousumi Datta (FNAL)   T
12:30 noon  Lunch Break
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm  DPF Business Meeting
5:00 pm - 8:30 pm  Excursion/Conference dinner
Thursday July 30th
9:00 am  QCD Theory  John Campbell (Glasgow)   T
9:30 am  QCD Experiment  Don Lincoln (FNAL)   T
10:00 am  Hadron Spectroscopy  Stephen Godfrey (Carleton)   T
10:30 am  Break
11:00 am  Review of Heavy Ion Experiments  James Dunlop (BNL)   T
11:30 am  Theoretical Review of Heavy Ion Physics  Larry McLerran (BNL)   T
12:00 noon  Education and Outreach in HEP  Randal Ruchti (Notre Dame)   T
12:30 noon  Lunch Break
2:00 pm - 5:50 pm  Parallel Sessions
6:00 pm Public Lecture:
Einstein's Biggest Blunder: A Cosmic Mystery Story
 Lawrence Krauss (ASU)  
Friday July 31st
9:00 am  Neutrino Physics (Experiment)  Bonnie Fleming (Yale)   T
9:30 am  Neutrino Physics (Theory)  Ernest Ma (UC Riverside)   T
10:00 am  Recent Progress in Field and String Theory  Chris Herzog (Princeton)   T
10:30 am  Break
11:00 am  Recent Progress in String Phenomenology  Mirjam Cvetic (UPenn)   T
11:30 am  Latest Developments in Technologies for Detectors  James Brau (Oregon)   T
12:00 noon  Future Accelerators  Pier Oddone (Fermilab)   T
12:30 noon  Lunch Break
2:00 pm - 6:30 pm  Parallel Sessions

Parallel Sessions and Conveners

For an overview of the parallel sessions see the schedule of parallel sessions below
Click here for a schedule of talks. To send an e-mail to the conveners, please click on their names below.

1. Accelerator Physics: I, II, III
Ron Moore (FNAL)
Pavel Snopok (UC Riverside)
2. Beyond the Standard Model: I, II, III, IV
Yasunori Nomura (UC Berkeley)
Meenakshi Narain (Brown)
3. Computing in HEP E. Sexton-Kennedy (FNAL)
T. Wenaus (BNL)
4. CP-violation: I, II, III
German Valencia (Iowa State)
Kay Kinoshita (Cincinnati)
5. Detector Technology and R&D: I, II
Daniela Bortoletto (Purdue)
Marcel Demarteau (FNAL)
6. Education and Outreach in HEP Greg Snow (Nebraska)
Don Lincoln (FNAL)


Electroweak Physics [W/Z]: I, II, III

Ulrich Baur (Buffalo)
Ashutosh Kotwal (Duke)
Tim Bolton (KSU)


Field and String Theory

Leopoldo Pando Zayas (Michigan)

9. First Results from LHC Stephane Willocq (UMass)
Chris Tully (Princeton)
10. Hadron Spectroscopy: I, II
Eric Swanson (Pitt)
Vaia Papadimitriou (FNAL)
11. Heavy Ion Physics/Hot and Dense QCD: I, II, III
Derek Teaney (Stony Brook)
Christina Markert (UT Austin)
12. Heavy Flavor Physics [bottom, charm, tau]: I, II, III
Adam Leibovich (Pitt)
Yury Kolomensky (UC Berkeley)


Higgs Physics: I, II, III

Sally Dawson (BNL)
Matthew Herndon (Wisconsin)
Marco Verzocchi (FNAL)
14. Low Energy Searches for BSM Physics: I, II
Maxim Pospelov (Victoria)
Peter Cooper (FNAL)
15. Neutrino Physics: I, II, III, IV
Andre de Gouvea (NWU)
Kate Scholberg (Duke)
16. Particle Astrophysics and Cosmology: I, II
Mark Trodden (UPenn)
Corbin Covault (CWRU)


Perturbative and Non-perturbative QCD: I, II

Nikolaos Kidonakis (KSU)
Joey Huston (MSU)
Mike Strauss (Oklahoma)


Top Quark Physics: I, II

Amarjit Soni (BNL)
Robin Erbacher (UC Davis)
Ken Bloom (Nebraska)


Here is a schedule of parallel sessions please click here.